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Armada Shift MNC 13

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Armada Shift binding is a unique combination of being a pin-tech binding, but also an alpine binding. It simply bridges the gap and offers both technologies in one. The unique construction makes it possible to use the pin-tech technology when touring uphill. At the top of the mountain, the toe part can be transformed into a traditional alpine binding which provides great power transmission and safety skiing downhill. The heel part is always an alpine binding. Due to this unique solution, the Shift binding is very versatile and can be used for resort skiing between touring.

DIN scale between 6-13 and suitable for skiers between 60-100 kg. Shift can only be used with touring boots for touring uphill but can be used with normal alpine ski boots skiing downhill. The Shift bindings are developed by Amer Sports, who is the owner of Salomon, Atomic and Armada. The Shift bindings are identical but produced with three different logos. We picked the Armada Shift MNC 13 since it has a cool and clean black design.

All bindings are sold only as a package deal with our skis, hence the low price.



Brake width

100, 110, 120 mm

Heel adjustment range

30 mm


865 g/binding

Stack height

21,5 mm

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