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Kohla Alpinist Mohair 130 mm



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This is the skin from Kohla with the absolute best gliding properties. With a surface of 100 % mohair, the friction against the snow is less than Kohla Vertical Mixmohair, which minimizes friction against the snow and makes the ascensions easier. However, 100 % mohair is more sensitive to harder snow conditions and wears faster compared to a skin of mixmohair such as Kohla Vertical Mixmohair.

An innovative touring skin from Kohla Tirol with an ultra-thin waterproof membrane between the adhesion layer and the climbing layer. This prevents water absorption on warmer ski touring days, which results in both better adhesion and lighter weight.

Besides the innovative waterproof membrane, the Alpinist skin also have the state-of-the-art and very user-friendly adhesive “Smart Glue”. This adhesion is especially designed for low temperatures and offers an excellent hold even in freezing temperatures. Perfect hold and optimal climbing properties - for high peaks and low temperatures!

Very reliable ski tip fixation and adjustable tail fixation. Delivered with storage bag and cutting knife. 100 % Mohair. Width 130 mm.


100 % Mohair


130 mm


Delivered with storage bag and cutting knife. 

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