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How to adjust your ski bindings correctly

Learn how to set up and and adjust your ski bindnings to match your ski boot and body weight. 

Every ski and binding set we sell comes mounted accordingly to the boot sole length given by you when you ordered your skis, but you need to make the last few adjustments by yourself to set the bindings up correctly. A properly adjusted binding is safer, releases when necessary, and holds the boot when needed. So follow these easy steps and safely enjoy your skiing this winter.

Salomon/Atomic/Armada Shift MNC

Look Pivot P15/P18

Marker Jester, Griffon & Squire

Marker Kingpin 13

Marker Alpinist

ATK FR14 & FR12 – Raider 11/13 – Freeraider 15 EVO

Marker Baron 13/F12


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