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Mothertree 95

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The Mothertree 95 is as close to the perfect allrounder as it gets, playful and easy-going for the skier wanting to ski all over the mountain no matter if that means untracked powder, freshly groomed corduroy or anything in between. The Mothertree 95 delivers endless fun during the whole day, and the whole winter for that matter.

The Mothertree concept is created by the InspireUs ski community to meet the specific demands of female skier, and that in a male-dominated ski world where traditionally men develop skis for women. Mothertree is developed by female skiers, for female skiers.

The secret sauce behind the tasty recipe lies in the perfectly balanced combination of construction and shape, together with a low weight of only 1 660 g in 172 cm. The foundation is a wood core made from snappy poplar wood and lightweight paulownia. Race rubber dampening in the tip and tail minimizes vibrations and gives the ski a dose of stability. The progressive rocker profile in the tip and tail makes the ski incredibly easy to handle in a long range of snow conditions.

The Mothertree 95 can be mounted with a traditional alpine binding to create a playful ski for resort based skiing. Or mount it with a hybrid binding such as the Salomon Shift for a setup ready to explore the backcountry with.

The Mothertree 95 is a ski that calls for playful skiing all over the mountain, with endless fun in focus.


158 | 165 | 172 | 179 cm


125 | 126 | 127 | 128 mm


95 mm


113 | 114 | 115 | 116 mm


15 | 16 | 17 | 18 m

Weight per ski

1400 | 1560 | 1660 | 1760 g

Factory edge tune

88/1 degrees

Mounting point

-70 mm from true center

Recommended length

Body length

Poplar/paulownia wood core

Our light-weight skis are made from a knot free, vertically laminated wood core of snappy poplar and light-weight paulownia. This combination of wood gives a playful, lively and nimble character of the skis. A CNC-milled and integrated 55x650 mm wood plate of beech secures the mounting of the binding.

Race rubber dampening

To minimize vibrations in hard snow conditions, such as icy slopes and wind packed off-piste, we use 1,5 mm race rubber dampening in the tip and tail from Austrian Haberkorn GmbH. We also use 0,2 mm rubberfoil in the skis to further strengthen the construction and increase bonding between different materials.

Prepreg glass fiber

We are quite unique to use dry Prepreg epoxy resins instead of letting our employees handle liquid epoxy when building skis, which is otherwise practice in the ski industry. Our glass fiber rolls come industrially impregnated with HexPly M78 from our supplier Hexcel, a world-leading producer of advanced composite material for the aerospace industry. This results in a dry, safe and great work environment for our ski builders and significantly increases the quality of the skis.

Austrian race base

We like to ski fast! Therefore, we use highest quality Isospeed 7515 race bases from Austrian Isosport GmbH. These running bases are made of ultra-high density polyethylene with high quality graphite for best gliding properties in a wide range of conditions.

Extra thick steel edges

For maximum durability of our skis, we purchase one piece steel edges from the well renowned Waelzholz GmbH, who have manufactured steel edges in Germany for over 50 years. We use their extra thick and durable Profile 132 that is 2,3 mm high and 2,2 mm wide for all models except Fusion 95 Carbon Ultra, where we use a 1,9 mm high and 1,5 mm wide edge to minimize weight.

Extra wide ABS sidewall

For maximum durability of our skis, we use extra wide 8,5 mm ID 2500 ABS sidewalls from Austrian Isosport GmbH (compared to the ski industry standard width of 5-6 mm).

Top sheet

For best wear performance and abrasion resistance, we use sublimated 0,55 mm Isocap ICP 8210 top sheets with structured surface from Austrian Isosport GmbH.

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